CSM Sock Worksheet Download


Like many things, we catch the “bug” of a craft and run with it (as long as stitches are not running, it’s all good).

I have been scratching down info on a piece of paper as I make a sock, so I can at least remember to make the second one the same.

If you are interested, I came up with a simple CSM sock worksheet to share with you. Just add it to the cart (go here) and checkout in the web store as it’s a free download. The pdf will be sent via email.

Happy cranking….

Homemade for the Holidays

Recently, I searched and searched for the right card to give this holiday season and came up empty handed.  One friend suggested trying the hardware store, since I was looking for a sheep themed card, another friend said make a stamped card.  Today, I walked into the studio thinking I was going to try a pair of socks on the CSM, though the studio had other plans for me.

Instead, I started painting with wool to make a few holiday cards, sheep themed, needle felted.


They are the same, yet different.  I decided to see what other Hobby Lobby holiday commercials were available and wha-la, the perfect one for this kind of card making day.



A good kind of cry…

A tad early, though really worth it.

This year’s Hobby Lobby Christmas commercial.

It brought a tear to my eye and reminds us that Christmas truly is what you make it.

Spin on…


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