Ground Control: We have a Mission Statement


It took much thought, over three years of actual promoting and then writing it out by hand, multiple times, to finally create the #spin15aday mission statement.

“The goal of #spin15aday is to promote the craft of spinning fiber 15 minutes a day while building a worldwide fiber community together, online and in person.”

This tells the what, how and why.  If I had tried to write this back in 2015, I would have failed to hit the mark and probably would have changed it multiple times.

I think this sums it up!


Hands: Irish Spinning Wheel Making

If you have 28 minutes, a cup of tea and your spinning wheel or spindle handy, have a sit down and enjoy this documentary from YouTube.

Power Outage @ the 1764 studio

Good morning from the studio.

We had a windstorm just after midnight and it knocked the power out through out the area.

A pretty tall tree came down and took out the woodshed, just missing the studio.

Luckily, I have neighbors to help me cut some of the tree away and a neighbor that has a generator to his well so I can get water to flush the toilets. The mister is working out of town. He misses all the fun storms we have had over the years.

Any orders placed will be delayed going out as no power equals no internet. Fingers crossed the county gets it sorted soon.

Maybe I should spend the day spinning by the fire…


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