#spin15aday Podcast Episode 7 ~ Mini Mill of One

I didn’t buy a mini mill, though I would love to leave the 9-5 to chain myself to one, this episode is about the mini mill of one, me!  My love of processing wool from raw to finished batt, by hand, by one, by me!

Grab a beverage, your spinning and take a less than 12 minute listen!


#spin15adaywoolewebeemine Event Packs

Packs go live tomorrow for the #spin15adaywoolewebeemine Instagram event, February 14-16, 2020.  I hope you will join in.



Episode 5 – Golder the CPW & the moment thousand’s of woodworkers shuttered!

A little chit chat about Golder the CPW that came home from St. Distaff’s day with me and how I created two more bobbins (that’s when thousand’s of woodworkers shuttered and probably wanted to take the drill out of my hands).


Grab a beverage, some spinning and have a listen (just over 15 minutes)!



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