Join the #spin15adaystashdown 2019


We hope you will join us for a year-long spin and fiber stash diving! Each month (corresponding with the month number) has a theme to spin to. See what you have on hand to spin or find a fiber vendor, local or on-line, that has just what you are needing. Most of all, have fun and #spin5aday!!!

Starting January 1, 2019 on Instagram!!!

December 2018 Challenge


Well, HoHoHo, December has arrived.

We’ve been spinning all year, so I decided we needed to end the year with an easy, fun spinning/knitting challenge over on Instagram.

Here’s what to do:

  • Stash dive for about 100 grams of fiber or use up a bunch of bits to create something unique.
  • Spin up approximately 100 yards in a DK weight (yes, you can target your spin to a specific weight, that’s just part of the challenge)
  • Post your progress on Instagram with #spin15december2018
  • Knit up a pair of Good Time Fingerless Mitts by Melissa Woods (a free Ravelry download) with your freshly spun yarn.
  • Keep posting your progress on Instagram with #spin15december2018
  • I’ll be drawing two names (completed the challenge) on December 31, 2018, and will send a woolly surprise package to them.

Even if your name is not drawn, you’ll have spun and knit yourself a pair of mitts! As @itsmyhamburger said, everyone wins.

Keep spinning and look for the activities being planned for #spin15aday in 2019!!!

Spin on…

It’s the Simple Things in Life…

As I struggle with my early 1900’s circular sock machine, I am reminded that it’s not that important if I’m not successful with it, only that I tried. Our time here is too short to sweat the small stuff and just enjoy the simple things in life. What reminded me? This sweet holiday commercial put out by Hobby Lobby!

Check out all the handknits the young girl is wearing.  This longer version of the commercial is better via YouTube than the 30 seconds played over the television.

Brings a tear to my eye!




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