Homemade for the Holidays

Recently, I searched and searched for the right card to give this holiday season and came up empty handed.  One friend suggested trying the hardware store, since I was looking for a sheep themed card, another friend said make a stamped card.  Today, I walked into the studio thinking I was going to try a pair of socks on the CSM, though the studio had other plans for me.

Instead, I started painting with wool to make a few holiday cards, sheep themed, needle felted.


They are the same, yet different.  I decided to see what other Hobby Lobby holiday commercials were available and wha-la, the perfect one for this kind of card making day.



A good kind of cry…

A tad early, though really worth it.

This year’s Hobby Lobby Christmas commercial.

It brought a tear to my eye and reminds us that Christmas truly is what you make it.

Spin on…

The Pins, The Pins…


Both pins are now here and will be available November 1.

Are you ready to start the 12 days of Christmas Stashdown? Maybe you have a very deep stash to dive into during 2020.

Either way, the #spin15aday12days event will be 12 days of posting on IG, with 12 chances to have your name drawn for a 1764 studio dyed braid of fiber in festive holiday colors when you purchase the #spin15aday12days event pin.  Though, you can still participate at anytime during the event even if a pin is not purchased, though only spinners that have purchased a pin will be eligible for the fiber giftaways.

As for #spin15adaystashdown2020, that is one big year with 366 days (yep, it’s a leap year) to spin down the stash.  Impromptu giftaways will take place through out the year for all that join in and use the #spin15adaystashdown2020 hashtag.

So are you ready? I know I am!



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