August Wool Breed Study: Bluefaced Leicester


BFL – photo from Bluefaced Leicester Union of North America

A few facts about BFL:

Fiber: 24-28 microns

Staple Length:  3-6 inches (longwool)

Natural Colors: Mostly white, can have black or gray genes.

A fiber quite easy to find and available in both fleece from farms or annual wool sales as well as commercially processed roving. Great for lots of knitted items, from sweaters to socks.

Dyes up nicely if you need color in your life.

Hopefully you will get your BFL sample spun, plied, knit or woven to try out the bounciness and texture of this very versatile fiber.

Spin on…




Curveballs & Grounders

Sheep baseball

Baseball terminology?  Why yes, that was the first thing that came to my mind as I am sitting here at my computer in the studio after an eight hour day on the computer at work.

I haven’t played baseball in years.  I did work at a local stadium from 9th – 12th grade when I was in secondary school.  So, why the baseball slang?

It just felt like a good way to start a topic on the #spin15aday newsletter.  I’m hitting grounders in trying to stay on top of everything and it feels like life keeps throwing me curveballs.

I’m asking myself, is anyone reading the newsletter?  What purpose is it serving?  Is it efficient? Should I just stick to the blog?

Here’s my number one problem. I WANT TO DO IT ALL! I know I can’t really successfully pull everything off that I want to do for #spin15aday when holding down a full-time job. Oh, how I would love to not have to go to that full-time job, but retirement is way down the road right now.

Weren’t we all told growing up to stick to one thing and be good at it?  I just can’t seem to follow that advice.  Trying everything at least once, twice or three times really gives a person a sense of it.

The more I type and think about it, I should probably stick to the blog.  I haven’t given it as much attention as I would like.  Maybe this is the one thing I should stick to.  So indecisive.

I know I am not a literary artist, composing choice words and coherent sentences most of the time.  I probably make plenty of folks cringe at my verbiage, but then again, this is who I am and once you meet me in person, you would be able to “get” me better.

So for now, I’ll put the newsletter on hold.  I’ll use the blog to convey the same information, such as the spotlight, upcoming events, more info on #spin15aday.

At least before I totally strike out, let’s have a better game plan.

Now go spin 15 minutes and post it on Instagram with #groundersandcurveballs so I will know you are out there.

Spin on….



#spin15aday Wool Breed Study Poll – Fall 2018 Results

The results are in:

October 2018 – Eider

November 2018 – Suffolk

December 2018 – Herdwick (runner-up)

Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 1.09.23 AM


Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 1.09.33 AM


Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 1.09.41 AM

The History Makers: The Pacific Northwest Fiber Web

Today was relatively quiet for me after my full-speed, full-on day at Black Sheep Gathering and the 438 mile round-trip drive from yesterday.  

It was a good day for reflection not only on my experience but also the various discussions I had with so many different fiber folk. 

I am a believer in supporting local as well as small business owners.  Sometimes small business owners are not as local, though supporting them still makes a difference in their lives as well as mine. It’s about community and kindness.

Maybe it’s a growing passion of mine as I get older to stay clear of large, commercial chain stores that don’t deliver the quality that we all deserve. Maybe it’s just because I need to create or lead or chat or listen or watch or view or share.

There are many things said in this video that may resonate with you as well, no matter where you are in this world, no matter how far, I hope you are able to take something away from it that feeds your fiber soul.

Grab a tea, your spinning or knitting and enjoy!


#spin15aday News – The Reminder Issue ~ June 24, 2018


The “Reminder” issue is out!

You can read it here if you are not signed up for the newsletter.

History Makers: The Vintage Shetland Project

Over the next few months, my fascination with Shetland, fair isle knitting and history will be evident as I get closer to my trip in August.

Here is a Vimeo video of Susan Crawford’s The Vintage Shetland Project.  I have the book on my list and hope to obtain a copy while I’m in Shetland.

The Vintage Shetland Project from Susan Crawford Vintage on Vimeo.


#spin15aday Newletter – May 27, 2018 edition

TDF Spin15

The May 27, 2018 newsletter for #spin15aday was mailed out at midnight. There’s a quick shout-out about Tour de Fleece!

You can read the latest issue here!

History Makers: Yoko Saito and the running stitch!

If you have been following me on Instagram or my blog, you will know I love fiber in all forms.

Here is a fast, but amazing video of Yoko Saito sewing the fastest running stitch I’ve ever seen by hand.


History Makers: Knockando Woolmill

When you run across a story of a wool mill, you just have to share.

Grab a cup of tea and a bit of knitting or spinning and take about five minutes to have a listen and look.


#spin15aday Newsletter – Posting Strategy

Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 8.37.28 PM

Revising my strategy for the newsletter.

Well, I knew this would happen.  I even read about it as I was coming up with the layout and what to include knowing that one will want to start out the gate at a weekly rate and then realize it’s a bit too much, too soon.

I did start out as once a month and then I said I would give once a week a try. Once a week is just not going to be manageable.

So, I know I need to reign it in a bit and just try for once or twice a month as time seems to be my opponent at this stage.  It’s difficult to outmaneuver time.

Sadly, I never find enough time to get onto Ravelry for the #spin15aday group either.  I do apologize for not being as attentive to the group discussions.  Having multiple moderators has been helpful.

My main focus has been and will always be Instagram.  It’s the platform that has been very good for many of us.  It has shifted a bit over the past few years with more ads and interesting characters who follow your account.  Thankful for the “block” option when it feels a bit creepy!

So, with or without a weekly newsletter, keep spinning 15 minutes a day!

Look for the next newsletter on April 29!



A Woman and Her Wool!

A video I posted on YouTube about seven years ago. It popped up in my feed last night and so I think it was meant to be shared.


History Makers: Donegal Weavers

Grab some tea, knitting or spinning and take a few minutes to admire the hard work of the makers!



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