Episode 14 – A chat with Brenda about Clun Forest and Cormo

@deserthomemaker and I chat about her current spins of Clun Forest and Cormo. Just under 13 minutes, enough time to have a cup of tea and do a bit of spinning while you listening.


#spin15aday Virtual Spinning Meetups

#spin15adayVSFR Artwork

I’ve now made the signup as a checkout item to simplify sharing the Zoom meeting ID to spinners to join in on upcoming scheduled #spin15aday Virtual Spinning Fiber Room meetups.

Click here or look up at the top of the webpage to the header ribbon, smack in the middle, click there.

To keep all of us safe from virtual predators, an email must be provided to receive the meeting ID link.

There can be up to 100 attendees within the meetup.

Here’s the current schedule through April 4, 2020 is as follows:

Weeknights through April 3, 2020 : Updated to 6pm up until 8:30pm PDT

Saturdays, March 28 & April 4, 2020: 9am up until 11am PDT

Sunday, March 29, 11am – 1pm PDT

You will receive the link to the meetup after check out via email as a note on the order confirmation.

Life gets busy and everyone will not be able to attend all the time. Join in when you are able, we would love to spend some time spinning with you.

Episode 13 – Spring Cleaning all the Wheels

A little boost for you as well as myself to spring clean all of the wheels.  Spindles too! Just under 4 minutes. Take a listen.


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