#spin15adaywoolbreedstudy July – December 2019

I have pulled together the breeds for the July- December 2019 study in approx. 25 gram bundles and packaged them together for spinners that don’t have them in their stash and want a low-cost way to participate.


The list of breeds we are studying through December 2020 can be found here!


We do have lots of snow (over 12 inches from what I can see) that has piled up and it’s still snowing. I’m very thankful it’s a Saturday, so many folks and children are home from work and school. So, any orders placed will be shipped as soon as the roads are safe to drive to the bulk mailing post office (about 8 miles away). I’m sure you understand.

So, we should just all hunker down for the weekend and spin, spin, spin….

Life Lessons of a Maker

I made a decision to pull the Find a Farm from the website for now. It requires a ridiculous amount of time that I don’t currently have to give to it along with my full attention.

There are plenty of resources out there for folks to find wool in their area without me trying to reinvent that wheel.

Sometimes it just takes me giving it a try, or two, maybe even three tries before I decide it’s not working for me, at least at the moment.  I think you get it. We’ve all been there.

So, if you need me, I’ll be over on Instagram, getting the word out on #spin15aday.

Spin on…

Ground Control: We have a Mission Statement


It took much thought, over three years of actual promoting and then writing it out by hand, multiple times, to finally create the #spin15aday mission statement.

“The goal of #spin15aday is to promote the craft of spinning fiber 15 minutes a day while building a worldwide fiber community together, online and in person.”

This tells the what, how and why.  If I had tried to write this back in 2015, I would have failed to hit the mark and probably would have changed it multiple times.

I think this sums it up!



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