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Recently I created two thick, colorwork woolly hats, using 2 – 3 different colored yarns.

Here they are:



Designed with the western coastal region of Washington in mind.  It is still an area that has not been swallowed up by the city.  It’s a rural, wonderful wilderness for beach combing, hiking, or backroad trips.

Kenai River

Kenai River

This hat was inspired by my time this past August in Alaska with my friend, Larraine.  I visited for 10 days, seeing everything up close and in person.  No cruise ship for me, well, except for the 6+ hour ferry trip to Cordova.  Lots of knitting time.

We spent one night at her cabin on the Kenai River.  There were “reds” swimming next to the bank so I could almost reach out and touch them. I thought they were so cool. Larraine informed me they were in their ugly stage and dying.  They had run their course.

I will admit, it was still pretty interesting to me.

Note: Both are available on Ravelry. Links under each photo. 

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