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Really, how can I be lacking in verbiage?

I think about my website constantly.  I envision all the things wool-related I want to share…then I let things like work, homework, house cleaning, and Instagram get in the way. Silly me.

I do have projects I am working on to post in the near future. There are a few patterns I have been writing for knitters and hand spinners.  I have been chatting with a friend on how to keep the #spin15aday alive and well, keeping interest to those diehard spinners who have been participating since the very beginning, more cost-effective ways of sharing #giftaways.

Here is one pattern I have being test knit that I hope to have available by the new year.  Great for hand spun yarn.

Hello Edging

Another pattern is a hat that I want to get out soon. I’m waiting for my hat model to arrive home for the holidays.  Thanksgiving is just days away.

Until then, keep spinning…





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