Tools of the Trade: Etsy – A Great Place to Gather the Tools

This post was originally written August 19, 2015 after returning from my trip to Alaska.  

I have just returned from a holiday visiting my friend, Larraine, in Alaska.  It was part visit (fiber retreat) at her place and part an Alaska Yarn Crawl.  So much fun, I wouldn’t know where to start so I’ll save it for another time.

I still have a few days left of my vacation from work and I plan to hang around home to get some fun fiber time in myself.

Today I decided to process my Romney lamb fleece I purchased a year or two ago.  Thankfully, I had already washed it, now I just needed to do some picking and carding.

This got me to thinking of some of the great fiber tools I have picked up over the years on Etsy.

Etsy has some amazing craft persons that not only sew, spin, make, but wood working folks that create amazing tools for us fiber fanatics.

Here is my picker:

Made and purchased from Etsy seller, Kaydessa, February 2012.  A very good deal, it picks well, is compact, stores safely and it’s independently made.  IMG_8225

I do suggest that you make sure that your tetanus shot is up-to-date.  Pricking yourself on one of the nails might get a bit nasty if you haven’t had one within the recommended amount of time.


Notice the large, sharp points on those nails.  They fluff the fiber right up.

You can pick by hand, but if you tend to purchase multiple fleeces or a really large fleece, then this tool may be for you.


Another tool I had purchased on Etsy was from Benjamin Green Studio, a wool combs/holder combo that is worth is weight in gold. Sturdy, well made, and he even has a few videos on how to use them.


Another tool that stores away safely and one you should take care when using.

His first video, made about five years ago:

His second video, made about two years ago:

Until the next post….spin on.

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