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We are going to do it again, though some of you have never stopped! #spin15aday is coming up starting January 1 and we'll be taking the #spin15aday2018challenge! Are you in? What to do: Spin. 15 minutes a day. Simple. You get to decide what you are spinning, how you are spinning, when you are spinning.… Continue reading #spin15aday2018challenge

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Wool Breed: Colored Ryeland

It's been awhile since I've posted, nearly five months.  Time to get back at it. This week's wool breed is Colored Ryeland. Picture from Wikipedia I'll be spinning up this 20 grams  @bakewell_hearts shared with me awhile back. Historically, the Ryeland sheep are thought to be from as early as the 1300's, where monks raise the… Continue reading Wool Breed: Colored Ryeland