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Shop Small Saturday – 2018

My youngest daughter and I support Small Business Saturday every year, spending Saturday morning in a small, local town near us. We start out with breakfast, then we go to A Good Book first thing, then make our way through the other shops. Some… Continue Reading “Shop Small Saturday – 2018”

Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays: It’s Thanksgiving weekend! The turkey has us stuffed and the pie made us sweet(er). One of our family traditions over this long weekend is to watch Home for the Holidays, starring Holly Hunter, directed by Jodie Foster. (playing as the… Continue Reading “Home for the Holidays”

Fall, Spinning and Apple Muffins

I baked you some apple muffins! Well, not really, as they probably wouldn’t ship well and I may eat them all before they could get sent out to you. What I did do is find you some spinning time! How did I do that?… Continue Reading “Fall, Spinning and Apple Muffins”


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