Home for the Holidays


Home for the Holidays:

It’s Thanksgiving weekend! The turkey has us stuffed and the pie made us sweet(er).

One of our family traditions over this long weekend is to watch Home for the Holidays, starring Holly Hunter, directed by Jodie Foster. (playing as the some of the family watches from the couch and I write this post)  This movie still makes me laugh…


Not much spinning or knitting these past few days, though I am trying to work on the website, which feels disappointing when I can’t get it to do what I want.  There are thoughts of looking into a new platform, but the prices are pretty high for a very small business.

I’ve had a few issues with WordPress/Woocommerce for #spin15aday purchases, so I’ll apologize for this upfront as I work through the issues.  Not always easy being your own IT department.

In #spin15aday news:

#spin15aday plans for 2019 are pretty light at the moment.

For sure there will be #xoxospin15 and #campspin15in19′ happenings.  Also, there will be a Halloween spin, once I decide on the theme.  Between these will be small #spin15aday events, which I’ll post on IG once I get some brilliant ideas.

Enjoy your weekend and remember to #spin15aday.

Until next time…




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