Can a maker be a minimalist?

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Today I threw a poll out on my IG story to see what other maker’s thought of the above-listed question.

As you can see of the percentage of yes/no answers, most folks say we can be maker’s and a minimalist too.

You might be asking where this question stems from?

I tend to turn on YouTube and watch random videos on subjects that interest me.  Last night, as I was getting a little spinning time in, I decided to watch newer videos on a minimalist life. After a good hour of listening how folks live in such a way of not having too much stuff, I’m was still having a bit of a disconnect for myself if it is even possible as a maker.

The number of spinning wheels I have collected over the years, the knitting machines, the flock of fleeces, and all the fiber, goes on and on. Where and when does it stop? At this moment, it won’t end until I take my last breath in this world.

Yarn? I really will never have to worry about a yarn stash diet, as I don’t have a full totes worth. It’s the equipment that could be a serious drag on a minimalist approach to living.

IMG-5654.JPGBrother Bulky Knitting Machine

Dare I tell you the number of flat knitting machines I have?  I’m not ashamed of the quantity. There are a few duplicate models and for the most part, some of them I obtained for less than a sweater ‘s worth of yarn.

I think I have to make an excuse for hoarding a few too many knitting machines. They are no longer being made, they could be used for parts, they are not taking up space in my studio as the ones I am not using at this time are up in the storage room (an insulated room, aka: the old game room, the old fiber room, and now known as the storage room) in the barn.

Flax Wheel before cleanup
vintage handmade flax spinning wheel rescued for $65 from Craigslist

Spinning wheels. What can I say, other than I have rescued a few of them over the years and though I have sold several too, I have more than a pair of hands can handle at one time.  How can you part with a wheel that you brought home on a whim after seeing it stored in a cold, damp garage, just begging to be taken care of?  You can’t or at least I can’t.

What does all of this come down to?  Not a whole lot for me, just a thought to consider and discuss with others.  If anything, it’s a great conversation starter.

Until next time, spin on…






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One response to “Can a maker be a minimalist?”

  1. Love this post Sherrill. I was one who voted no simply because I can not part with my collection of wheels, vintage sewing machines and fiber stash.

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