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Can a maker be a minimalist?

Today I threw a poll out on my IG story to see what other maker’s thought of the above-listed question. As you can see of the percentage of yes/no answers, most folks say we can be maker’s and a minimalist too. You might be… Continue Reading “Can a maker be a minimalist?”

Spinning Wheel: Husfliden, Bergen, Norway

Today I made my way down to the Washington State Spring Fair, Puyallup, WA.  Each year that I have purchased a fleece from the Shepherd’s Extravaganza I have received a ticket for entry into the fair.   Each year I go back and purchase… Continue Reading “Spinning Wheel: Husfliden, Bergen, Norway”

Spinning Wheels: 1800’s Walking Wheel

While I work on my lace knitting research, I happened to become the next owner of this lovely walking “great” wheel.  The flyer, spindle, and miners head are not in the picture.  Those pieces need a bit of a refurbishing to be able to… Continue Reading “Spinning Wheels: 1800’s Walking Wheel”


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