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Tools of the Trade: Building a Navajo Style Weaving Loom

With all this Navajo Churro in my life and spending time learning more about it, I decided to look for one of the best ways to use this breed of wool. Well, I found it.  Navajo weaving. I found a very simple and oh-so-cost-effective resource in a pdf format for building your own Navajo Style Weaving Loom. The website Weaving in Beauty is where I found the link to the plans last night.  I knew right then that I would the Mister would have to make this loom.

For me, the total cost was $40.36 at Home Depot for the materials to build it.  I could have saved some by checking what was already on hand, though I was too excited to go look out in the barn.  Instant gratification of getting all of the materials is all I could think of.

So here it is:


The inside measurements are approximately 22.5″ x 30″.  One thing I do need is a weft beater, though I am betting I could get one made by the Mister if I asked. Really nice-like.

And a big thanks goes to the Mister for taking the hour to build it.  It turned out fantastic.  Quality time spent together = a happy Sherrill.

If you are interested in making a loom and have any questions about what I purchased, let me know. Just more fiber-fun to share with each other.

Now it’s time for me to learn to how to property weave on it.

Spin & Weave on!

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