Romney Wool

  • Drum Carders: Wool Loves Music (A Sunday Kind of Love)

    The one thing I do not currently have in my possession of fiber tools is a blending board. It could easily be purchased, though I started to think, why? Yesterday, I picked out some Romney dyed locks and decided do a little trial and error on creating rolags on the drum carder.  It worked. I actually…

  • Tools of the Trade: Picking and Carding

    I took the plunge and purchased a larger, manual drum carder from Clemes & Clemes at Madrona Fiber Arts Retreat this past weekend. Why?  I have been wanting an electric drive drum carder since the early 90’s.  I debated if it was an expense I really wanted to take on, but when I get set…

  • Sheep Video: Where wool meets music!

    I made this video over four years ago.  A good post for a very musical, wooly Friday night. Enjoy!


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