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Drum Carders: Wool Loves Music (A Sunday Kind of Love)

The one thing I do not currently have in my possession of fiber tools is a blending board.

It could easily be purchased, though I started to think, why?

Yesterday, I picked out some Romney dyed locks and decided do a little trial and error on creating rolags on the drum carder.  It worked.

I actually liked that I was able to card the wool before striping it off into rolags.  The rotation of the drum gave the fibers a much better comb than I probably could do on a blending board.

Drum Carder

The one thing I found a bit difficult was pulling the fiber off.  It was just a matter of how I was directing the pull of the fiber.  Once I found the right angle and pulling pressure, it was very easy.  I didn’t overload the carder either.  I loaded it about half way.


If you have a drum carder, you should give it a try.  I did the process three times before I got the hang of it.

Punis Rolags

Just another way to get the most from your drum carder.

Spin on!

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