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Ready for 2021?

Spinners and makers, 2021 is less than three weeks away and with a new year, I believe we need some inspiration. Cathy Hay’s “A Pep Talk for Creative People” hits the spot. 2021 may not change much for some time, but we can make… Continue Reading “Ready for 2021?”

#spin15aday Podcast – Episode 12 ~ A chat with Ann about cashmere!

A huge thank you to Ann for spending time with me to have a talk about cashmere fiber. I love having conversations about fiber. We are spinners and it’s the perfect topic. If you are up for a chat, you simply need to download… Continue Reading “#spin15aday Podcast – Episode 12 ~ A chat with Ann about cashmere!”

#spin15aday Podcast Episode 9 – A chat with @bw.lange

Hello? Can you hear me? Just over 18 minutes. Grab your spinning, a yummy drink and enjoy!


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