#spin15aday2021 post no. 8

This week is about Cowichan Sweaters!

L. whale knitting photo c. the 1764 shepherdess

An informative read about the Cowichan Sweater from the Canadian Encyclopedia

From yammagazine.com, an article of The Story of the Cowichan Sweaters

A newspaper clipping The Islander newspaper, pp. M1, M4 about The Wild & Woolly Cowichan Sweater, February 28, 1988.

A pdf on Cowichan knitting from the online open library of the University of British Columbia Museum of Anthropology, c. 1987

A few videos to watch as you are spinning:

I hope you have enjoyed the bit of information I was able to find and share with you in today’s post about Cowichan sweaters.

My daughter’s husband and my grandchildren represent Washington State native culture, so as being “grammy” I will need to ensure they learn about the traditions of wool, spinning, knitting, and weaving with the history of Cowichan sweaters that I can find.

Wool is life, life with wool.

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