#spin15aday2021 post no. 3

photo permission from @thewildpurpleowl on Instagram

I wanted to share a wonderful idea that Angela ~ @thewildpurpleowl on Instagram, created (see photo above). It’s a simple spool shaped card for holding breed samples with the lock of wool and the sample yarn created.

You can cut out the sides of an index card to create a spool-like shape with space at the top or bottom to include the breed name, date, small notes. I loved the simplicity of this idea and wanted to share.  If you love this idea as much as I do, head on over to Angela’s IG account and show her some love for her post and her other adventures.

We all love sheep, yes?

I thought about a cookie cutter I have and decided to create a sheep shaped yarn sample holder pdf  for a more whimsical look for you.

Maybe having a few of these in your spinning wheel pocket will come in handy as you test spin for a project.  Maybe make a few for a friend and send them in the mail as a RAK (random act of kindness).

Very little is new under the sun and you will find so many ways to do the same thing.  It comes down to what you have on hand.  Keep it simple.

There is still the trusty stand-by that you can use with a notebook binder.

You can find the #spin15aday wool breed study pdf here!

Do you have a simple way of keeping small tastings of yarn samples you have created? You can share by sending me a DM on Instagram or an email: sherrill at the1764shepherdess dot com. Include either the link to your post or a pic/description of what you do.

Happy #spin15aday in 2021!!!

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  1. your little sheepy cards are awesome. Thank you for sharing!! Just spent a bit looking at you wool offerings. love the christmas colorways. maybe the bfl for a next christmas ornament for friends. Thanks again…

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