The History Makers: The Pacific Northwest Fiber Web

Today was relatively quiet for me after my full-speed, full-on day at Black Sheep Gathering and the 438 mile round-trip drive from yesterday.  

It was a good day for reflection not only on my experience but also the various discussions I had with so many different fiber folk. 

I am a believer in supporting local as well as small business owners.  Sometimes small business owners are not as local, though supporting them still makes a difference in their lives as well as mine. It’s about community and kindness.

Maybe it’s a growing passion of mine as I get older to stay clear of large, commercial chain stores that don’t deliver the quality that we all deserve. Maybe it’s just because I need to create or lead or chat or listen or watch or view or share.

There are many things said in this video that may resonate with you as well, no matter where you are in this world, no matter how far, I hope you are able to take something away from it that feeds your fiber soul.

Grab a tea, your spinning or knitting and enjoy!



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