Mary Ellen Joe: Cowichan Knitter by Phil Ives

As fiber enthusiasts, finding a good documentary on the craft is always a good thing. Enjoy!

A short film by Phil Ives

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2 responses to “Mary Ellen Joe: Cowichan Knitter by Phil Ives”

    • Mary Ellen Joe inspires as a living historian and cultural artist. Her work amazes me! It’s heart-breaking to think this phenomenal artistry may end with her since only one step-daughter may carry on this legacy. I’ve scraped together my slush fund money to purchase one lovely sweater on clearance so I could enjoy a piece of this living history. Personally, I love to knit and crochet and I will treasure this sweater and respect the artist always.
      Thank you Mary Ellen and your Cowichan family.
      Sincerely, Brienne Roche
      Charlotte, NC (USA)

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