Harris Spinner

What would you do if you ran across a bulky spinner for $40 on Craigslist?

A. Admire the photos and move on.

B. Ask yourself why you would even need another spinning wheel

C. Contact the seller, find out if it’s available, then drive an hour one way to buy it.

The answer: C


This is the Harris Spinner by a H. C. Harris.  Not much is known about the maker through internet searches, though there is another spinner @threadbender on IG that had gotten one about 11 years ago and she shared what bit she could.  It was most likely made in the 1970’s somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.  If you happen to have any information I would be ever so grateful if you would share it with me.


It took a bit of waxing, oiling, lubing and a few supplies to get it up and working.

Here’s a short video of it doing what it was made for:

Until next time….

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3 responses to “Harris Spinner”

  1. Very nice little video! This is definitely cleans up nice, I hope you come across more info on the maker but even if it stays a mystery it is an awesome one!

  2. C is absolutely the correct answer: D. Clemes & Clemes have been around for a while on the west coast. I bought a pair of their hand carders in 1978. Perhaps they know something.

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