Inkle Weaving and Books!

There is nothing fiber-wise that I won’t jump in headfirst when it comes to trying. ย The inkle weaving loom is no exception.


I’ve noticed a few weavers posting about their inkle weaving and looms on Instagram lately, which made me sit up and take notice.

Before I ordered my inkle loom, I binge watched YouTube on how to warp, weave, finish and do lots of other nifty tricks on a very old form of weaving.

My loom arrived last Friday night and I was able to get some warping and weaving done on Saturday.


I still need more experience on getting a good, quality edging, though I’m okay with how things are going. It’s all about the learning, yes?


I also ordered The Weaver’s Inkle Pattern Directory, which arrived today, along with this wonderful little book, When Coyote Walked The Earth by Corrine Running.

I first found this book of Pacific Northwest indian folktales at my local library and decided it would be a great book to have to read to my new granddaughter. Lucky for me, I found a used hardcover copy on Amazon. I had no clue it would have the original book jacket, be in good shape and be a first printing from the original copyright year, 1949.

I think this will be a book that we both treasure.

Off to weave a bit. Until next time…

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