Loop Pile Washcloths

I recently found the  Spa Wash Cloth for Rigid Heddle weaving on Weavezine.com.

It looked like fun and a new technique I had not tried, so I stash dove and came up with a ball of Peaches & Creme Cotton in yellow and a cone of the same brand in white.

The weaving pattern called for 72 epi with a 2 yard warp.  I was only able to come up with 56 epi with a 2 yard warp.


Since the warp was not as wide, I didn’t make the length of each cloth as long as the instructions for the original.  I was able to get six washcloths from the 2 yard warp.

Here are the basic instructions, modify to your need:

Sett: 8 ends per inch
Use cotton, linen or hemp
56 – 72 epi (2 yard length warp)

Pick 10 rows (for hemming)

Throw one row and pick up with a crochet hook the weft between the top shaft warp threads (leave at least two threads on each side as is) and place on a knitting needle. Beat and change shed, picking 1-3 rows to keep loops in place.

Continue until 1.5″  from length desired.

Pick 10 rows.
Leave a space between wash cloths to cut apart.


Here is the video from Weavezine for reference:

and the video I made as I was creating these small, stash busting washcloths:

Until next time…

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