Yak Attack!


Today I finished the plying of the Qiviut fiber I spun on Saturday.  With that drying and my Polonaise wheel set up for lace/fingering weight spinning, I grabbed the yak I found in my stash.

I have to say, I found the Qiviut fiber easier to handle and spin than this yak.  Maybe I spoiled myself for all other fibers.



Here’s a wee bit of information on Yak Down:

Staple Length: 1 1/4-2 1/4 inches (3.2-5.7 cm)

Natural Colors: Black, dark gray, white, reddish, with dark brown being the most common.

Fiber Diameter: Down, 13-22 microns

Yet another warm fiber that I will make a lace project with.

Until next time…Yak, that’s the fact, Jack!





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