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Spinner’s Gold – Qiviut


For New Year’s eve, I stash dove into my collection of fibers and pulled up 1 oz. of spinner’s gold – qiviut.

I purchased it back in August 2015 when I went to visit my friend, Larraine, up in Alaska.  I’ve been holding onto it for the right time and reason.  I believe going into a new year spinning it was just what I was waiting for.

Here is a bit of information on Qiviut:

Qiviut Down Length: 1/2 – 6 inches (2-16.5 cm)

Qiviut Down Diameter: estimated between 11 and 19 microns

Qiviut needs to be dehaired and is great for knitting, though it has not fiber memory.

It has a natural color of soft gray-brown.  It can be dyed, but why?

At the price per oz. back in 2015 ($40/oz) it would go a long way if mixed with another fiber with a low micron count.

I plan to knit a simple, lace cowl for myself.  Hopefully I can get enough yardage to ply it on itself.

Until next time…stay warm.




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