Makers Gotta Make: DIY Wool Gypsy Wrist Distaff

Grab a few items around the house and make a Wool Gypsy Wrist Distraff for your travels.

Items needed:

Strong cotton string

Yard Stick



Bead needle or tiny crochet hook

It’s easy, just:

Cut 9 pieces of cotton string in 3 yard lengths

Fold in half, around a chair, leaving about 8-10 inches before knotting.

Divide into three sections and braid until about 10″ left of length. Cut the part wrapped around chair in half.

Once braided and off the chair, drape over wrist and find a comfortable amount to create the opening to move on and off the wrist/hand. Then take a small piece of cotton and secure through the braid, add a few beads and cut off the extra length.

Start adding beads to add weight to the bottom of the wrist distaff.  Be creative. Add a few to each thread or add one.  I had a few jingle bells to add as well.

Presto! A finish wool gypsy wrist distaff to be a wool wanderer and spin.

Until next time…

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