Back….from no where in particular

I have been very neglectful of my website, not as constant on Instagram and only have given my wheels a few glances or verily a spin these past few months. Why?  That place that gives me a monthly paycheck has taken all of my time.  Though, it was to be expected as I am one of the key players for entering the fiscal year budgets. Luckily, we are winding down and able to come up for a breath of air and some long deserved craft time. 

Today I spent a lovely day spinning on a batt of alpaca I received from @fiberfarm in my Fiber Share package last year.  

My plan is to ply this with some soy silk to create a nice lace yarn for a future shawl.  I will see how it looks once plied and decide if it will need an overdye of a blue or chestnut brown color way.

While spinning, I was thinking of my upcoming #thegreatBritainadventure trip in August.  So many things I have already researched, so many other bits I want to read up on.  I have already packed my ebag to ensure I have not packed too much and can carry it around with me.  16 pounds includes everything I need, aside from the travel outfit and boots.  A few days of walking around with it should help strengthen my back and get me ready for the journey.  

There are still two little items I need to decide on.  What should I take for a knitting project? A small spinning project? I’m pretty close to finalizing my spinning project.  I may even have that all sorted and packed tomorrow…again, to make sure it all fits. 

Only a fiber person would be so concerned with what projects are being taken.  The thought of having to sit and wait for the connecting flight or winding down after a long day and not having something to tinker with is almost too painful to think about.  Even if I don’t have time to knit or spin on holiday, just having something with me is like a little security blanket. My patience will increase just knowing it’s near by.

It’s good to be back, from no where other than here.

Until next time….

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