Crewel Embroidery Circa 1973


Though I haven’t posted about it, I have joined the #100dayproject on Instagram. It started April 6 and ends July 14. To work #spin15in15 into it, I decided to spin wool embroidery thread.

So, as I spin, my mind wanders off into other craft worlds, weaving and intertwining all the ways of wool that I partake in.

If I am going to make thread for crewel embroidery, then I should probably know how to do it, correct?

I have done a lot of cotton embroidery and needlepoint, though I have never ventured into crewel embroidery itself.

I figured it was time to complete a kit I found somewhere along my travels a handful of years ago. The cost was a whopping .99 cents and the bonus was the design being a spinning wheel, imagine that.

Everything came with it. The printed 100% cotton sailcloth for front (stamped) and backing, crewel needle, 100% virgin wool crewel yarn, 100% cotton piping, 12″ zipper and easy to follow, detailed instructions.

How can it be intimidating? Well it can, look at this diagram.


It has been a lesson already, having never done the laidwork stitch before. After a few stitches taken, I got the hang of it. Perfect, no, but no longer hesitant to take the next stitch.

It’s amazing how this kit has survived 42 years and has never been started, let alone opened. Sometimes, the universe has a plan and I think this crewel embroidery kit and I were meant to be together.

This would have been a fantastic #100dayproject. Not all is lost, I can still work on my embroidery thread for future planned pieces as I muddle my way through the world of crewel.

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