Other Uses for Wool: Flower Baskets



Yesterday, I was able to pickup some fuchsia starts for a flower basket.  When I got home and was ready to move them into the basket, I realized that I tossed all but one of the natural linings last year.  The one I did have was already spoken for with other  flowers.

I started to think of what I could use to line the wire basket to keep the soil from falling out and the help retain some of the water and not just run right through.

Wool came to mind.  Wool has been used for so many things, insulation, batting for quilts, stuffing for toys, spinning for yarn, so why not line a flower basket with it  So I did!

I pulled out some of the “unknown long wool” and gave it a go!  It was a success!  I have many more wire baskets to house flowers for the spring/summer season….I think they will all be getting wooly linings.

It’s a win-win-win for the birds, the flowers, and my wool stash! The circle of wool life. Life with wool.

Wool on!

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  1. I love the idea of the flower basket. It looks wonderful and would be very practical. I also think the idea
    of the embroidery thread is also very practical. Jacobean crewel work would be a great use.

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