Carded Batts


The batts are completed from the California Red fleece.  I used my small picker that I had purchased on Etsy a few years ago to open up those locks to get it through the drum carder faster.


Dangerous piece of equipment if a person were to get their hand in the way when moving the picker back and forth.  Note: I updated my tetanus shot back in 2012.

I used my Louet Jr drum carder to get through the massive mound of fluff I had created.  It took me three days to get those batts completed.  To be even more true to old ways, I should have used my hand cards.  It would have been weeks before I could have completed the prep process for spinning if I had used my hand cards this time around.

Time to get a test spin in for the yarn I have targeted in my mind to create.

Stay tuned as we see what the wool wants to be…


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