Weave Along – Yarn Stash Blanket – March 2023

I’ve already woven one Yarn Stash Blanket this year, why not another one to motivate you to join me.

A great way to use up all of those scarps and get creative. 

Just a bit of calculations to determine the warp and start weaving.  Once off the loom, it can be cut and stitched together, then washed, dried and trim up the bits.

You’ll have a nice throw blanket!

Need help with the rough calculation, send me a message.  It’ll be an approximate guide as there is no right or wrong with this weave along.

And there’s a badge to boot! 

The Details:

* Weave Along runs March 1 – 31, 2023.

*Share your progress on Instagram with #YSBWAL2023 .

*This is a self-monitored event for a bit of weaving fun!

* Use whatever you have on hand:  stash yarns &  your loom or borrow a loom if you don’t have one. No buying for this.

*Write down the approximate size you would like to make.

*Calculate your epi and warp length. DO NOT OVERTHINK THIS.

*Need help, contact me or ask a friend. KEEP IT SIMPLE!

This weave along is meant to be fun. Leave perfection at the door and you may be very surprised with the outcome!

The first twill scrap yarn blanket I wove in January.  I just went for it. I didn’t overthink it and it’s not perfect but I LOVE IT!


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