The Rusty Spindle Fiber Club

This #spin15aday club is open for new subscriptions.

Spring 2022 is about supporting local farms and farmers, sourcing wool for this club from the Pacific Northwest.

  • A monthly fiber subscription of crafted spinning fibers to keep your spindles and spinning from becoming rusty. Packs are only available to USA customers at this time.
  • Subscription Price: $17 
  • Each monthly pack will include:
    • Approx. 58+ grams of crafted spinning fibers in the form of sliver/roving from The 1764 Fiber Mill.
    • Includes a single wool wash pack (scents vary)
    • Handcrafted yarn tag to use for your finished spun yarn
    • Shipping included in pack price
  • The combinations of fibers can range from:
    • Dyed or natural color ways
    • Single or multiple bumps of fiber in a shipment
    • Sliver/roving fiber bumps created at the 1764 studio using locally sourced wool, and/or commercial rovings and tops sourced from the UK and USA.
    • Note: sliver/roving (as I call it) is not like the commercial top/roving you receive from indie dyers. Please read the descriptions below to understand the product you will be receiving in this subscription.

      Roving – a carded preparation produced by hand or industrial equipment. The thickness can vary, though it is commonly wrist-thick.

      Sliver – a thinner version of roving. Sliver doesn’t have any twist to it at all, while roving has a tiny bit of twist, but not spinning twist.

  • Subscriptions are billed monthly on the same day of the month you subscribed and ship out within a week.
  • You may cancel your subscription at any time through your PayPal account.

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