I read nightly. It’s the last thing I do before I fluff my pillow and close my eyes.

With a change in direction and making the decision to close down the #spin15bookclub, I am still reading and always find inspiration from book title covers. 

Each month I’ll be crafting up a braid of spinning fiber to correspond with the book I’m going to read. 

You can join me in reading the same book or even spin the book inspired fiber.  You can also stop to take a look and then meander down your own path.

For April I will be (re)reading The Lost Husband by Katherine Center.  

I don’t base all of my book choices on the Goodreads rating system. I read what the book summary provides me. If it inspires my sense of reading then I go with it.

Life is short…go with what inspires you!

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The Rusty Spindle Fiber Club

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The Rusty Spindle Fiber Club is now open.

Original fiber blends created on a Brother Rover roving/sliver machine, offered from the 1764 mini mill to you as a monthly subscription club. 

For $17 including shipping, you will receive a 58+ gram of roving/sliver each month plus a few other goods. 

You can read more about all that is included in the monthly subscription pack here.

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A simple, five minute read delivered right to your inbox. 

You can sign up here.

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