Forecast: #campspin15in21 with a slight chance of pandemic

Because 2020 rattled our brains and knocked us off our feet, I decided that 2021 would have one main event, which will be #campspin15in21. 

For the rest of 2021, I want to be your cheerleader in spinning: down your stash, trying new techniques, connecting with each other either on Instagram or the Makers Meetup. 

I have been making hearty, half-hearty, back to hearty, somewhat hearty, back to hearty attempts to keep you motivated and engaged in the life of wool. 

Mind you, I loose motivation myself. Just when I think I want to shut it all down and quietly slink away, I get a surge of energy and tell myself, “No, you’ve got this.”

Usually those times stem from feeling battered in my new job (my own self-doubt of being able to be awesome), working remotely and feeling very out of place with my coworkers (who I only know virtually) and the world. 

I don’t foresee this pandemic moving along anytime soon. So, the best I can do is motivate you to spin, make, create, give, share and just be awesome with wool.

I will put up some rovings through out the year to sell to support the cost of the zoom platform fee and gift aways.  

I never set out to make this a profit making business, but more of a self-supporting organization. 

Thank you for motivating me to keep being my goofy self to shout out from my soap box the wonderful life with wool.



November’s #spin15turkeytrot20 Event

Click on the turkey’s to read about this event.

Grading Wool – SSW 2014 & Local Romney Just Received

Just arrived last weekend, though not Shetland wool, a sweet Romney wool fleece (okay, four fleeces), sourced locally (Covered Bridge Farm, Scio, OR – so just down I-5 corridor). Supporting wool farmers is what I love to do!  

Romney is such a versatile wool.  Not fine like merino, but not as rustic as Icelandic.  Medium.  It’s the Goldilocks of “just right.” 

Makes a beautiful yarn for a jumper, hat or fingerless mitts.  Give it a spin!!!

I found this older video from SSW 2014.  

Oliver Henry explaining the wool grading process.  Posted on YouTube by Shetland Amenity Trust.

He’s such a delight to listen to.  



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