New on YouTube: Being Ewethful Podcast

Hey there, spinners!

Just wanted to give a shoutout to a new podcast on YouTube: Being EwethfulClick here to go to Ewethful Farm & Fiber Mill website

The mill/farm owners, Kim and her husband, are in Halsey, Oregon (yah for the west coast), where she processes local wool as well as providing a service to those that don’t want to process it themselves.

It’s no small feat to take on opening a mill, let alone learning to operate it as well. The first episode is up with how her journey to becoming a mill owner in Oregon came about as well as a tour of the mill shop and equipment.  I knew some of the story, but it was great to really hear more about it.

Grab your spinning or knitting, a yummy beverage and take a listen/look.



Episode 26 – The Pattern Whisperer

Just under 15 minutes about translating a knitting pattern in a different language that I don’t speak, my Christmas tree skirt panel, Thanksgiving and life.
You can find the Raggtossa Slippers pattern for free here!
Grab a beverage, some spinning and take a listen.

Episode #25 – I will Survive

Less than 9 minutes on my current project, surviving the holidays, the cable knits and taking care.

Grab some knitting, spinning or what have you and take a listen.



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