Small Batch Fiber Processing

Welcome to the newest addition to The 1764 Shepherdess.

The 1764 Fiber Mill offers small batch fiber processing. Perfect for spinner’s who have a fleece or two that they want to get processed to be able to spin but just have not had the time. Services are currently available to US residents only.

The 1764 Fiber Mill currently provides a complete wool processing service for wool fleeces with scouring (washing), picking, and carding into bumps or loose bagged sliver-roving. Read more about the mill’s guidelines below the reservation form.

Located 45 miles NW of Mt. Rainier, this micro mini wool fiber to sliver-roving mill is situated on a five acre holding in Graham, Washington, abundant in wild life, a handful of chickens and a guard rabbit by the name of Walter.

We look forward to working with you.

Click on picture for reservation form
  • Current wool breed fleeces (staple length 3″-6″) being processed at the mill:
  • Coopworth
  • East Fresian
  • Finn
  • Jacob
  • Romney
  • Shetland
  • Texel
  • Wensleydale


  • May 2022 Introductory price: $13/lb incoming raw weight plus return shipping cost.
  • Complete Wool Fleece Service Includes: washing, picking and carding into a sliver-roving.

    Pricing Example:

  • 3 lbs incoming wool weight
                  3 lbs x $13/lb  = $39
  • Estimated Return Shipping:
  • Pricing Example Total Cost:

    *All prices subject to change without notice.*

The Mill’s Fiber Guidelines:
  • Before completing the reservation form, here are the mill’s guidelines for the fiber:
  • The mill does not accept pre-scoured fibers.
  • Customer pays for any return shipping costs.
  • Washington State residents are charged tax.
  • Staple Length:  3″ minimum, maximum varies dependent on fiber, though typically not over 6″.
  • No incoming minimum lot weight. There is an estimated 30% weight loss in most fleeces. (eg. 5 lb raw wool may estimate as a finished 3.5 lb sliver-roving)
  • The mill does not provide skirting services and will only process well-skirted fleeces and reserves the right to return fleeces that will not become quality roving.  Please remove hay, large burrs, sticks, manure, wood chips/shavings, and heavily matted areas.
  • The mill reserves the right to refuse the incoming fiber that does not meet the quality standards.
  • Fiber that cannot be processed will be shipped back to the customer at their expense or discarded by the mill.
  • Contaminated fiber: Any fibers found to be contaminated (e.g. moths, larvae, mold) when received at the mill will either be returned to the customer at their expense or discarded by the mill.
  • After 30 days, any unpaid completed invoiced orders will become property of The 1764 Shepherdess/Fiber Mill.

    Current wool breed fleeces being processed at the mill:

  • Coopworth
  • Finn
  • Jacob
  • Romney
  • Shetland
  • Wensleydale

    About the Mill’s Processing:

  • The 1764 Fiber Mill uses a Brother Rover carding machine, circa. 2021, created by Brother Drum Carders/Mini Mill, Silverton, Oregon based on the original Paula’s Rover plans designed by Patrick Green. 
  • The mill cannot card fine wools at this time.  
  • The mill is not accepting alpaca or llama at this time.
  •  The customer’s incoming wool is the outgoing finished product.  The quality of the sliver-roving is based on the fiber being with little vegetable matter, a minimum of 3″ staple length free of short/second cuts.
  • Fibers are not dehaired.

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