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What is the 1764 spinning community about?
An exclusive community for makers who enjoy spinning and making with wool and fibers, as a way to explore the textile arts and living creatively, guided by Sherrill, @the1764shepherdess.

Why join a spinning community?

Not everyone can attend a local spinning guild or an in-person coffee social to knit and spin for a few hours. Some do not have anyone to share their love of fiber arts with due to distance. Others prefer to socialize virtually for so many reasons, health, distance or they are just not a coffee house type.

The 1764 spinning community is a virtual community that offers a place to engage with others, all the time or when you find the time. You can take it with you on the go using your smart phone or spend some time in a Zoom spin-in to connect with others.

The world has changed and so shall we.

How often is there interaction within the 1764 community?

Quite often, between 2 – 4 posts  a week.

Who hosts the 1764 community?

Sherrill, aka The 1764 Shepherdess, a solo spinner who wanted to share the love of spinning with the world by starting #spin15aday on Instagram back in 2015. Establishing a #spin15 community was the first step and now to continue creating beautifully hand dyed fibers with The 1764 Community to bring fiber folks together, from around the world. I do hope that you will enjoy this virtual community spirit and the fun you will receive as a member of The 1764 Community through video and blog posts, makings and special events not found on Instagram.

I’m ready to join! Now what do I do?

Become a Patron!

Click on the Become A Patron button to choose the level of membership you would like to be part of and hang on to your spindles as we are building this ship as it sails.

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