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Whitefaced Woodland Sheep

Whitefaced Woodland - photo from http://www.whitefacedwoodland.co.uk   Facts: Fleece Weight: 4.5 - 6.5 pounds (2-3 kg) Staple Length: 3-8 inches (7.5-20.5 cm) Fiber Diameter: 28-38 microns or coarser Natural colors:  white For the dye pot:  it will take colors nicely, except for any kemplike fibers in the coarser fleeces. Fiber Prep & Spinning: depends on… Continue reading Whitefaced Woodland Sheep

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Wool Breed: Miniature Harlequin Sheep

I recently received a lovely bit of wool from one of my Instagram spinning mates.  The wool came from Harley, a Harlequin sheep that lives on a small family farm, not too far from her. Harley had quite a bit of chaff in his locks.  Probably from lazy, sunny afternoons, napping in the fields, then… Continue reading Wool Breed: Miniature Harlequin Sheep

Wool Breed

Wool Breed: Corriedale

History:  The Corriedale  comes from the crossing of Lincoln or Leicester rams with Merino females.  It was developed in New Zealand and Australia during the late 1800s'.   Corriedale, now distributed worldwide, is possibly the second most significant breed in the world after Merinos. Fleece Facts: Size: large sheep with mature rams weighing up to… Continue reading Wool Breed: Corriedale