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#spin15in15 Spotlight Spinner: anne.choi

Yesterday, I had a brilliant idea.  I shared it with a few of my Instagram spinning mates and they were all for it. Starting today, I will post weekly about a spotlight spinner from the #spin15in15 group on Instagram.  I have 5-7 questions for them to answer and share with you.  I'll post a brief… Continue reading #spin15in15 Spotlight Spinner: anne.choi

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Tools of the Trade: Support Spindle Spinning

My love of wool and all the wonderful tools that help us as spinners to create yarn put me on the path to purchasing several support spindles in the past few years.  Etsy is such a good place to find beautiful spindles that it is easy to get lost down that road with no bread… Continue reading Tools of the Trade: Support Spindle Spinning