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  • Whitefaced Woodland Sheep

    Whitefaced Woodland – photo from   Facts: Fleece Weight: 4.5 – 6.5 pounds (2-3 kg) Staple Length: 3-8 inches (7.5-20.5 cm) Fiber Diameter: 28-38 microns or coarser Natural colors:  white For the dye pot:  it will take colors nicely, except for any kemplike fibers in the coarser fleeces. Fiber Prep & Spinning: depends on…

  • #spin15in15 Spotlight Spinner: @mmbmeek

    This week’s spotlight is on Melanie, @mmbmeek: Q. Favorite fiber to spin?     Melanie: Whatever fiber I’m currently spinning!   But I do love targhee–it’s got such a plump and velvety finish.  I’ve also been spinning a camel/merino/silk blend that’s to die for.  It’s so soft and easy to draft.  And of course an…


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