History Makers of Wool: Alice Starmore & Judith MacKenzie

I have so many subjects of wool that I want to share with you. One being what I call the History Makers.  For me, I have two that fall into that category at this time.

  • Alice Starmore – Knitter
  • Judith McKenzie – Spinner/Weaver

I plan to share bits and pieces as I come across them.

Celebrating Wool – Shetland Wool Week 2014

Shetland Wool Week 2014

The fifth annual Shetland Wool Week will soon be here. October 4 -12, 2014.

What is Shetland Wool Week?  It is a celebration of Britain’s northerly native sheep, Shetland, the Shetland textile industry and the farming communities found on the Shetland islands. Shetland has produced some of the finest lace and Fair Isle knitwear in our textile world.

During Shetland Wool Week, there will be events, exhibits, and classes that represent the various subject matters of spinning, dyeing, Fair Isle and lace knitting and weaving.

As part of celebrating Shetland Wool Week, the organization has offered a free pattern,  the Shwook hat, designed by Hazel Tindall.

Hazel Tindall has held the title as the World’s Fastest Knitter. She designed the hat for Shetland Wool Week 2014.  A beautiful Fair Isle design, using light fingering wool, it is available free from the Shetland Wool Week website.  You only have to provide your name and email and in a short time, a pdf will arrive in your inbox.

I plan to dig out my Shetland wool and get started on the Shwook Hat to celebrate Shetland Wool Week.  How will you celebrate?

Shetland Island Screen Shot


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