#campspin15 2019

Emails went out last weekend. If you had registered and have been waiting for the email, please check your spam folder as sometimes that is where it lands.

If you registered and find that you cannot join in on the event this year, please contact me to let me know so I can offer it to the next spinner on the waiting list.

Waiting list spinners, hold tight as I will start offering up packs after July 13 to you.

Deadline to purchase your reserved pack is July 13. After that date, all packs will be offered to the waiting list spinners and then any packs left from that round will go out on the web shop for everyone to purchase.

Besides some memorabilia from the event, we have daily planned posting activities for Instagram as well as three drawings of dyed roving each day of camp for participants.

This will be the last pre-registered event. All future #spin15aday events will be pre-order. It will make it easier on all of us due to lost emails, events that prevent you from participating and me constantly emailing. There will be plenty of packs available.

Many of you are about to start Tour de Fleece spinning and I wish you the best during the three week event. You are brave souls to take on such a fun challenge.

Make sure to rest and clean up a bobbin or some spindles for camp, August 3-6, 2019, after TdF. We have posting activities for camp during our virtual hike/spin.

See you at camp!

#spin15adaycamp July 20, 2019

A bit of a impromptu date scheduled, but fun none the less.

Join in on a creative day of fiber at #spin15adaycamp.

If you are in the Washington State area and within driving range, join us for a day of making batts, rolags, top and dying roving.

Camp is from 10 am – 3pm-ish, includes materials, a light lunch, beverages and dessert.

Camp is not an instructional workshop, but a place to create and spend time with other like-minded fiber folks. The bonus is you get to create/take home one of a kind fibers to spin.

Isn’t that what #spin15aday is about, spinning! Well, here’s where you can take it to the next level by being your own fiber designer.

Click here to register.

See you at camp!!!



That was my train of thought last night as I plied up this grey dyed Romney that I plan to pair up with the The Mountains are Calling skein.

#spin15aday is about simple. It’s about small increments of time to enjoy the process of spinning while finding your zen and possibly, inner peace.

I love our #spin15adaytribe. Everyday I ask myself how can I make it better. I don’t know that I need to. What I need to ask myself is how do we keep it strong.

My answer: keeping it simple.

#campspin15in19 is less than two months away.

I’m also working on our upcoming events:





By keeping the plan simple, it’s a better way to be successful.

I enjoy planning the events around the themes, so keeping it simply to fiber with a few other small items makes it simple and manageable.

The key is the event activities and spinning of fiber as well as interacting with our fellow spinners, on Instagram and in person.

Hopefully you are still spinning along with #spin15aday , #spin15adaystashdown and/or #spin15adaywoolbreedstudy

Now, go about your day and simply remember to spin 15 minutes.


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