Farm Directory

March 2018

The fiber elves are working diligently to bring you the most up-to-date farm directory for fiber.

Why does it take so long to collect the information?  We believe in asking for permission to post the farm’s information instead of just swiping it from another website.  We want to use photos as well and sometimes the best ones come directly from the farm via email.

The process: Each farm is emailed a request/permissions form to complete prior to the information being posted on the website.  Some folks have shut down their operation, so this has helped sort out information that would lead you to a dead-end resource.

Then there is the time to individually create a site page for each farm. It is done with love of fiber and sharing, yet such a slow process, even we start to fall asleep.

Hang in there…we will just keep building a bigger and better farm directory for spinners to use as a resource, even if it takes the rest of the year to complete.

Many thanks for stopping by,

Sherrill & Crew