Club Spin 15 The States Edition

The Club Spin 15 States Edition

is now open.

  • Subscription Price: $15 
  • Packs are only available to USA customers at this time.

  • Each monthly shipment will include:
    • A 2 oz. braid of fiber top dyed each month based on one of the states of the US.  (Note: commercial top fiber base changes month to month)
    • Shipping included in pack price
  • Club is paid for a month in advance (reserving your spot for the next month) and ships out the first week of the following month. 
  • Auto-renewal subscriptions are billed monthly on the same day of the month you subscribed.
  • You may cancel your subscription at any time. PayPal cancellations are done by you through your PayPal account.  
Click on the map to download. Color the states that you spin!