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Out of the Mouths of Sheep

A bit of wool controversy is happening, with a few big name brands and a well known group doing what they can to tell the world not to wear wool. What would a sheep say? I think they would say “Save a sheep –…

One Women Wool Mill: Valley Oak Wool Mill

Thanks to Myha @itsmyhamburger for putting a clip of the video in the Instagram stories so I could share it with you.

August Wool Breed Study: Bluefaced Leicester

BFL – photo from Bluefaced Leicester Union of North America A few facts about BFL: Fiber: 24-28 microns Staple Length:  3-6 inches (longwool) Natural Colors: Mostly white, can have black or gray genes. A fiber quite easy to find and available in both fleece…

A Woman and Her Wool!

A video I posted on YouTube about seven years ago. It popped up in my feed last night and so I think it was meant to be shared. Enjoy!

Mary Ellen Joe: Cowichan Knitter by Phil Ives

As fiber enthusiasts, finding a good documentary on the craft is always a good thing. Enjoy! A short film by Phil Ives

Flashback Friday – Episode 140 of Belle of the Ball Podcast

  This came through my playlist driving up to Bellingham last weekend and I thought I would share it. It’s audio only, so grab a cup of tea and your knitting and spinning for about 10 minutes of an old episode of Belle of…

Addicted to Sheep – Trailer

I’m looking forward to “Addicted to Sheep: A year in the life of a British farming family as they try to breed the perfect sheep.” Coming soon to iTunes. Until then, check out the trailer.   Until next time…

Wool sparks my heart!

As a spinner, there is really no limitation to the craft or how far we can take it. Everyone has an interest that seeks a spark within our hearts, wanting to gleam more and more of what gives us that feeling of “happy.” For…

Oxford Down. The fleece breed.

H C Stilgoe’s Adderbury ram lamb, champion at the 1943 Oxford Ram Fair (Photo courtesy of Oxford Down SBA from I received 55 grams of this squishy fleece, all washed and ready to card for spinning from @bakewell_hearts during the holidays. 55 grams,carded Oxford…

Being Creative!

Recently I created two thick, colorwork woolly hats, using 2 – 3 different colored yarns. Here they are: Backcountry Designed with the western coastal region of Washington in mind.  It is still an area that has not been swallowed up by the city.  It’s…

Tools of the Trade: Etsy – A Great Place to Gather the Tools

This post was originally written August 19, 2015 after returning from my trip to Alaska.   I have just returned from a holiday visiting my friend, Larraine, in Alaska.  It was part visit (fiber retreat) at her place and part an Alaska Yarn Crawl….

Crewel Embroidery Circa 1973

Though I haven’t posted about it, I have joined the #100dayproject on Instagram. It started April 6 and ends July 14. To work #spin15in15 into it, I decided to spin wool embroidery thread. So, as I spin, my mind wanders off into other craft…


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