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The 1764 Shepherdess Presents // Episode 10

Aha! I remembered! Here is the link to Episode 10 on YouTube.  In this episode, we are using two different washing recipes for cleaning a fleece. We test out a small batch of Romney fleece to see which one really cleans the best. This here is Belle, ---> a Shetland beauty located up in Port… Continue reading The 1764 Shepherdess Presents // Episode 10

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#spin15aday Shop Update

It's been a busy week of rovings, top, batts and school budgets. Here are just a few of the wools I dyed this week. In between all the things I have going on I have been working on the colorways for #campspin15in21. If you haven't signed up for the early bird email notification when the… Continue reading #spin15aday Shop Update

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#spin15aday2021 post no. 3

photo permission from @thewildpurpleowl on Instagram I wanted to share a wonderful idea that Angela ~ @thewildpurpleowl on Instagram, created (see photo above). It's a simple spool shaped card for holding breed samples with the lock of wool and the sample yarn created. You can cut out the sides of an index card to create… Continue reading #spin15aday2021 post no. 3