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Wool Breed: Corriedale

History:  The Corriedale  comes from the crossing of Lincoln or Leicester rams with Merino females.  It was developed in New Zealand and Australia during the late 1800s’.   Corriedale, now distributed worldwide, is possibly the second most significant breed in the world after Merinos.… Continue Reading “Wool Breed: Corriedale”

Wool Breed: Wensleydale Longwool

History: The Wensleydale Longwool sheep began in the early 19th century in the North Yorkshire area, as a cross between an old-type Teeswater ewe and a new Leicester ram. Fleece Facts: Size: large sheep with mature rams weighing up to 308 lbs (140kg); ewes… Continue Reading “Wool Breed: Wensleydale Longwool”

Wool Breed: Wensleydale – The story of my two pound fleece.

I attended Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, Oregon this past June with my friend, Larraine.  What an experience. I have heard great things about the wool judging by Judith MacKenzie that she does at this event and I was able to catch a few minutes of… Continue Reading “Wool Breed: Wensleydale – The story of my two pound fleece.”


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