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Breed Study Conservation List

A while back, one of the lovely spinners on Instagram asked if within the breed study we could focus on conservation listed wool breeds.  I thought that was an excellent idea. So, I made an executive decision (laughing, because how executive can you get… Continue Reading “Breed Study Conservation List”

August Wool Breed Study: Bluefaced Leicester

BFL – photo from Bluefaced Leicester Union of North America A few facts about BFL: Fiber: 24-28 microns Staple Length:  3-6 inches (longwool) Natural Colors: Mostly white, can have black or gray genes. A fiber quite easy to find and available in both fleece… Continue Reading “August Wool Breed Study: Bluefaced Leicester”

#spin15aday Wool Breed Study Poll – Fall 2018 Results

The results are in: October 2018 – Eider November 2018 – Suffolk December 2018 – Herdwick (runner-up)    


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