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#spin15aday2021 post no. 3

photo permission from @thewildpurpleowl on Instagram I wanted to share a wonderful idea that Angela ~ @thewildpurpleowl on Instagram, created (see photo above). It's a simple spool shaped card for holding breed samples with the lock of wool and the sample yarn created. You can cut out the sides of an index card to create… Continue reading #spin15aday2021 post no. 3

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Breed Study Conservation List

A while back, one of the lovely spinners on Instagram asked if within the breed study we could focus on conservation listed wool breeds.  I thought that was an excellent idea. So, I made an executive decision (laughing, because how executive can you get on Instagram), then researched and decided on six wool breeds to… Continue reading Breed Study Conservation List

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August Wool Breed Study: Bluefaced Leicester

BFL - photo from Bluefaced Leicester Union of North America A few facts about BFL: Fiber: 24-28 microns Staple Length:  3-6 inches (longwool) Natural Colors: Mostly white, can have black or gray genes. A fiber quite easy to find and available in both fleece from farms or annual wool sales as well as commercially processed… Continue reading August Wool Breed Study: Bluefaced Leicester