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Breed Profile: Navajo Churro Sheep Video

Posted on YouTube by Mother Earth News on October 13, 2014, a great five minute video about Navajo Churro sheep. Enjoy!

Spinning: Let’s Do the Twist

My last post was on plying and how I usually go by the feel of it.  If you are a perfectionist, then my by-feel method probably won’t work for you.  It can be hit or miss at times, though with the majority of my… Continue Reading “Spinning: Let’s Do the Twist”

History Makers of Wool: Alice Starmore & Judith MacKenzie

I have so many subjects of wool that I want to share with you. One being what I call the History Makers.  For me, I have two that fall into that category at this time. Alice Starmore – Knitter Judith McKenzie – Spinner/Weaver I… Continue Reading “History Makers of Wool: Alice Starmore & Judith MacKenzie”


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