Category: Tools of the Trade

Flax vs. Wool Wheel

Today I brought home another wheel, a flax wheel. Before cleaning and waxing Amazing that it was still available having been posted for more than 20 hours before I contacted the seller. For about the price of a small fleece, this little handmade flax…

Tools of the Trade: Etsy – A Great Place to Gather the Tools

This post was originally written August 19, 2015 after returning from my trip to Alaska.   I have just returned from a holiday visiting my friend, Larraine, in Alaska.  It was part visit (fiber retreat) at her place and part an Alaska Yarn Crawl….

Tools of the Trade: Building a Navajo Style Weaving Loom

With all this Navajo Churro in my life and spending time learning more about it, I decided to look for one of the best ways to use this breed of wool. Well, I found it.  Navajo weaving. I found a very simple and oh-so-cost-effective…


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